Cashmere Shawl

Charcoal Cashmere


E Nolan Cashmere Shawls

100% Cashmere, Grade A 


Made in Mongolia

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Product Details

100% Cashmere

Made in Mongolia

Grade A Cashmere


One size

Width: 70cm

Length: 200cm with 10cm tassel finish

Garment Care

Our cashmere shawls are woven from Grade A long cashmere fibres. Over time, some pilling due to friction is normal and can be remedied with a cashmere comb. Cashmere must be handled/worn with care. It is best to remove all loose jewellery when dressing to minimise pulls and snags to the cashmere. Belts, bags and other accessories or sharp/rough surfaces can cause pulls, holes and pilling and cannot be recognised as a fault to our cashmere shawls


Avoid sharp objects as they may cause damage to the cashmere shawl

Dry clean only

Do not bleach

Do not machine wash

Do not tumble dry as this will shrink the cashmere fibres.

Do not wring 

Store with care, always folded, never hung. Store them in a dark, preferably airtight spot with cedar chips and dried lavender to ward off moths and prevent mustiness.