E Nolan About

E Nolan enables women to build a wardrobe that celebrates personality, timeless design and craftsmanship. Tired and unimpressed with robotic practices and the standardisation of work attire and every day dressing, E Nolan combines luxurious fabrication and hand couture finishes to create garments of longevity with the intention to wear frequently. Through private appointment at the E Nolan Dressing Room, Emily Nolan offers her clients a personalised experience from start to finish, highlighting the benefits of a one-to-one relationship between client and tailor that extend from precision fit to encouraging a deeper connection with the contents of their wardrobe. As pattern-maker, designer and tailor, Nolan is there at each step of the process.

Each E Nolan suit is crafted from the label’s exclusive in-house patterns, which form the base range of jackets and trousers on offer. While pieces can be purchased separately, E Nolan highlights the versatility and ease of a suit that can be seamlessly adapted to a client’s pre-existing wardrobe. A selection of over 600+ cloths of different natural fibres and colours offers all identifying women with the ability to explore their creativity, personality and to have fun with the process, while playful styling elements are incorporated into each fitting. The classic cut, ageless design and lightweight infrastructure are designed to fit into the lives of all different types of women, of all ages, who are looking for a suit, jacket, or pair of trousers that are beautifully made, durable and easy to migrate between dress codes and the schedules of modern life. An E Nolan two piece suit costs between $1400 - $2000 depending on fabric choice and custom finishes.