E Nolan FAQ


What to wear to your first fitting?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. You are very welcome to bring along shoes you might find yourself frequently wearing at work or out dancing in to ensure your desired trouser length is correct.

How long will my order take? 

From the first fitting, your suit will be ready for a second fitting 3-3.5 weeks later. From your second fitting to third fitting is roughly a week depending on appointment time slots available. 

Wear and tear repairs? 

Should you require any garment repairs and / or alterations in the future, E Nolan can complete for a small fee and quick turnaround time. With garments made to last, we strongly encourage mending and repairs where applicable.

Can non E Nolan garments be altered?

If you have any non E Nolan items you would like to have assessed to mend. You are very welcome to bring them in for a quote. We can complete them in house for you in a timely manner.

What is your Made to Measure Returns Policy?

As garments are to fit you specifically, E Nolan cannot accept returns based on change of mind. Australian Consumer Law is applicable in relation to returns outside the change of mind policy.


E Nolan Ready To Wear

Where are E Nolan Ready To Wear garments made?

Embroidery T shirts are made in Melbourne, Australia.

Sleeping Suits, Shirting, Skirts, Coats and any bespoke pieces including bridal are all made in house in Melbourne, Australia. 

Our knitwear is made in Hong Kong, China

What is your shipping policy?