Freqently Asked Questions


General Questions

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. It is best to bring along some shoes you might find yourself frequently wearing at work or out dancing to ensure your desired trouser length is correct.

We recommend you wear a top and bottom combination. If you wear a dress to your fitting please bring along a t-shirt or a top to try on with a jacket and trousers.

From your E Nolan First Fitting your made-to-measure garments will be ready for a second fitting 7-8 weeks later.

For clients in Melbourne, from your second fitting to third fitting is roughly a week depending on appointment time slots available.

For interstate/international clients, we intend to complete your alterations from second to third fitting within 48 hours. We do everything possible to turn around the alteration process for you, so you are able to collect your made-to-measure garment/s within a singular trip to Melbourne.

We embrace bodies of all shapes and sizes.

We currently have made-to-measure try on garments that range from a 4- 24 that we use as a fitting tool. If your body measurements are outside of this range, that is completely fine, we make clothes for everybody. There may be an extra step in the process, but this is of no cost to you.

Unfortunately due to the demand on our workroom we cannot accept garments to alter outside of E Nolan. We can however recommend alterations businesses local to you.

We support the circular nature of garments and encourage mending and / or alter some garments where possible. Here are some suggestions we have been given from clients who have had a successful and enjoyable process with other small Melbourne businesses:

Jana at Sew Right. Located in Prahran Angela’s Alterations. Located on Union St, Malvern Magic Tailor. Located on Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn Alteration Excellence on Cecil St, South Melbourne Miss Molly Tailor and Alterations in St Kilda

All pattern making is completed in-house by Emily and the E Nolan team. All client patterns are individually made and digitized and sent to our 65 person workshop in Suzhou, China. Suzhou is a city west of Shanghai, best known for its canals, classical gardens and historical silk production. Our made-to-measure garments are laser cut and made with a floating horsehair linen canvas. The garments are then sent to Melbourne to complete the handwork before our clients second fitting. All alterations for second and third fittings are completed in-house on the second floor above The E Nolan Dressing Room.

We understand that the by-appointment process makes meeting in person difficult for interstate and overseas clients. However, we do encourage clients to enquire about a first fitting appointment when they are planning a trip to Melbourne.

We can accommodate for clients who are unable to meet in person. Please get in touch with us at to discuss.

E Nolan celebrates in all forms. E Nolan welcomes all attendees to special occasions, where Em will work with you to design a piece within the scope of our brand aesthetic. We have made lots of suits for weddings over the years, so if this is what you are after we are here to help celebrate the big day.

Here at E Nolan we do not make garments with supplied fabric. We pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our garments. We can't guarantee the quality or launder instructions with supplied fabrics.

Our business proudly caters to women and LGBTQIA+. Our patterns / base block and try on garments lean more to a 'womenswear’ cut to that of a typical 'menswear’ pattern.

E Nolan started to provide a safe space where made-to-measure services that cater to markets outside of ‘menswear’ and ‘menswear patterns'.

If you are interested in something that is typically ‘menswear’ tailoring we have some excellent recommendations. You are also welcome to come for a consultation if you have any questions or would like to be guided through the above options before opting for a fitting.

If you have considered all of these points and still think E Nolan is the place for you, please get in touch at

We don’t take orders outside of our patterns and aesthetics. We do not feel comfortable copying the designs of others.

We are very proud of our pattern and of our garments. We have specifically created your pattern from scratch so we know the seam allowance and alterations possible. On our trousers we have a Smoking Split at the centre back seam of the waistband. This is a detail we have pinched from menswear - it is for the means of comfort and protection of the cloth. It allows more flexibility as you move or sit. This detail can come apart with wear and it is an easy repair.

Our garments are hand sewn and use a tack stitching that may need repair with wear. Our buttons are attached with long thread and can over time become tired and on double breasted jackets, the internal ‘jigger’ button may also need repairing due to tension. Best to repair/mend as soon as you can so you can get your suit back in rotation in the wardrobe. 

With garments made to last, we highly encourage mending and repairs where applicable. As soon as there is a popped seam, a small fray or a moth hole, get it mended straight away. While the holes are small, they can usually be mended almost invisibly, and reinforcement can be put in to prevent it from getting worse. 

Please note, garments are required to be dry cleaned prior to your alternation. Once we have assessed the garment to repair we can provide a quote. We only charge for our time plus any additional trims for in house alterations. 

  • Trouser blind hem mending  $20
  • Trousers, add length or shorten length $20
  • Damaged or missing buttons - $10
  • Split trouser seam $20
  • Trouser waistband repair $20
  • Trouser waist take in or let out  $30 - $45
  • Trouser, damaged zip $24
  • Jacket, waist take in or let out $45 - $60
  • Jacket, mending $20- $65

There are limitations to how much bigger and small we can alter garments. As a general rule, we can alter 1.5 sizes smaller and 1 size bigger. 

For existing clients you can book an alteration appointment with Em at The E Nolan Dressing Room. To book an Alterations Appointment, follow the link here. 

If you are unable to make it to The Dressing Room you are welcome to send the garment to us at your own cost. 

Please email us at  with details of the wear and tear, we can help you diagnose the issue and help you to book an alteration appointment or provide further information about the shipment of your garment. Garments must be dry cleaned before alteration.