Sleeping Trouser

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Is it 8am or 8pm? What on earth do I wear to the kitchen and back? What to wear with slippers and fancy feet? The E Nolan Sleeping Suit!

The Sleeping Trouser is made with an elastic waistband so don't cancel out on dessert (love what you love without hesitation.) 

Made from imported 100% linen from New Zealand. Made in house to order, in Melbourne. Select your desired fabric and size. 

  • Designed for a relaxed fit
  • Elastic non twist waistband
  • 100% cotton and 100% linen imported from Italy and England
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia 
  • Fabrics are very limited, new fabrics are uploaded weekly
  • Please allow for 5-6 days turn around time
  • Select XL+ for unisex sizing 

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