Curated for you from The E Nolan Dressing Room bookshelf
Kate Moss - Mario Testino
Studio 54 - Ian Schrager
Sofia Coppola Archive - Sofia Coppola
Acne Paper - Thomas Persson
Dries Van Noten 1-50 - Dries Van Noten 
Margiela, The Hermes Years - Katt Debo, Sarah Mower, Rebecca Arnold, Vincent Wierink and Suzy Menkes
The Gourmand Egg - David Lane and Marina Tweed 
Stephen Meisel Hollywood - Vogue Italia
Ben Quilty - Ben Quilty
Les diners de Gala - Salvador Dali 
Irreverent - Carine Roitfeld
More is More, Tony Durquette - Hutton Wilkinson 
Annika Kafcaloudis - Annika Kafcaloudis
Fashioning Masculinities - Claire Wilcox
SUMO - Helmut Newton