"The way to know life, is to love many"

Love arrives and is given in many forms. Romantic and platonic. To be with those whose soul sings true to your own.
The extraordinary lights of my life are my female friends. My soulmates. The sleepy voices at the end of the phone at 1am and equally the burst of energy that rings my doorbell at 9am.
Whilst the 14th of February is THE hallmark commercial date in our calendars, I wish to appreciate every moment. Take the day to express gratitude to those you adore.

Curated for you from

E Nolan - Gold Blowfly Pendant

Bella Clark - Cupid's Heart Ring

Aletheia & Phos - I Carry Your Heart Necklace Set

Golden Groves - Organic Greek Olive Oil

Perdrisât Perfume - Love Bomb

Sandy Liang - Besties Forever Hairclips

Camille Albertine - Heart Bag

Sofia Coppola - Archive Book

Violetta FR - Bisou Lips, Mecca

Home Grown - Orange & Mandarin Spritz

E Nolan - Brass Cigarette Lighter

W Pico - Lover's Amour Candle

Haigs - Chocolate Heart

Proud Jewellery - Gold Box Chain

Memo Press - Bow Note Cards

Robert Mapplethorpe - The Complete Flowers

Le Rub - Repairing Face Mask

Musae Acasa - I Saw You Crying At The Discoteque Ashtray

Oku Den - Heart Ice Cube Tray

Cottage Industry Store - Brass Heart Padlock

Santa Maria Nouvella - Lavanda Imperiale

Comme Ci - Egyptian Cotton Socks