Made-To-Measure About

Made To Measure

With the purpose to build a considered made-to-measure wardrobe for all women and LGBTQIA+. E Nolan made-to-measure tailored garments are a necessary craftsmanship with an emphasis on fit, quality and comfort. Creating ageless garments appropriate for the modern landscape of busy schedules and manic morning minds. 

We are very proud of our made-to-measure patterns. We pattern make in-house and offer many styles and different garment details to choose from. The made-to-measure garments on offer consists of single and double breasted jackets, slim cut to wide leg trousers and pleats.

E Nolan welcomes all to The Dressing Room at 386 Gore St, Fitzroy. All fittings, pattern making, alterations and 30% of the hand work are completed on site at The Dressing Room in Melbourne. 

Suiting of a classic cut, ageless design and lightweight infrastructure appropriate for the Australian climate. Jackets and trousers are available for purchase separately or as a two piece suit. Perfect for work attire, weekend casual and all party dress codes. E Nolan also caters to special occasions, brides and bridal party fittings.