‘Love Loves to Love Love’, is a collection of six t-shirts to break your heart and mend it all over again. The collection consists of 6 t-shirt designs; ‘Heartbreak Blows’, ‘Every Tom Dick & Harry’, ’Blow Me’, ‘Plenty Of Them In The Sea' and ‘Fresh Cock’. The t-shirts have between 95,000 and 275,000 stitches per motif and are made in Melbourne on 100% recycled cotton t-shirts. Always inspired by love but it was heartbreak that kept me up creating. In the midst of it, there’s always stifling amounts of self-doubt, reset buttons and relearning basic routines and rituals. Heartbreak never gets easier but you do get better at navigating through it. Laughing is very important - also to try not to let idiots ruin your day. Hearts are usually for the sleeves but I’ll wear mine on my tees.