E Nolan Made To Measure Garment Care

E Nolan Made to Measure Garment Care Advice


When your suit is sleeping, store your jacket hanging on the hanger provided as it best supports the chest canvas, shoulder and armscye of your E Nolan made to measure jacket, hangers without the padded section will cause the shoulders to deform gradually.

Hanging your trousers correctly is important to avoid damaging the structure of waistband (to avoid clip marks making a waistband shiny or indented.) Hang with the fly undone, half fold the trouser over the velvet bar of a hanger, matching the pressing lines on the front. 

Avoid leaving your garments in the sun for extended amount of time, including the back of your car as sunlight can fade the cloth. 


Your E Nolan Made to Measure pieces are dry clean only. 

It is best to use small reputable dry cleaners with a premium service. Dry cleaning, two to three times a year is enough if you are wearing the suit in a good rotation with other pieces in the wardrobe. Often a steam is sufficient to freshening up the garments in between visits. I recommend investing in a hand held steamer over using an iron. (I also love products from The Laundress  especially the Wool & Cashmere Spray)

For dry cleaning we use Domain Dry Cleaners, Margaret and John are fabulous people (and never judge despite how clumsy I am with food and alcohol.) Ensure that the dry cleaners you choose, cover your suit buttons with foil so they do not get damaged. If your buttons get damaged, we can replace for you for a small charge just to cover costs.

Woolmark have a great link on laundering wool suits too if you too want to nerd out. 


We are very proud of our pattern and of our clothing. We welcome garment mending should you require it. We have specifically created your pattern from scratch so we know the seam allowance and alterations possible.

On our trousers we have a ‘After Dinner Split’ (or sometimes called ’Smoking Split’) at the centre back seam of the waistband. This is a detail we have pinched from menswear - it is for the means of comfort and protection of the cloth. It allows more flexibility as you move or sit. This detail can come apart with wear so let us know and we will mend for you free of charge. 

We have developed the addition of an underarm shield made in lining that sits in your jackets armpit. This is to protect your garment from discolouration from perspiration and or deodorant choice. If you find this is wearing out, feel free to get in touch and we will easily replace your flaps. 

A lot of our garments are hand sewn and use blind stitching that sometimes need repairing with wear. Our buttons are attached with long thread and can over time become tired and on double breasted jackets, the internal ‘jigger’ button may also need repairing due to tension. Just get in touch and we will happily repair for you.