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Garment Care

When your suit is sleeping, store your jacket hanging on the hanger provided as it best supports the chest canvas, shoulder and armscye. 

A suit jacket shoulder is carefully composed of several materials. The hanger has to be wide enough to support the width of the shoulders without exceeding to the bicep to distribute the jacket’s weight and if the hanger is too wide it will force the bicep to stick out, damaging the shoulder pad and sleeve. If you opt for a wire or a hanger without the means to support the width of the shoulder, a crease will form as the weight of the jacket indents on the bicep.

We have custom recycled plastic hangers made to the average width of my clients, this is about 3-4 cm narrower than the rest of the market. Gender bias is rife in product development of everyday items (read Invisible Women), and the majority of coat hangers made are designed to the average male shoulder width. Our custom hangers come with your E Nolan made-to-measure jacket and suit.

Hanging your trousers correctly is important to avoid damaging the structure of the waistband (to avoid clip marks making a waistband shiny or indented.) Hang with the fly undone, half fold the trouser over the velvet bar of a hanger, matching the pressing lines on the front.

Dry clean only as you need. All E Nolan made-to-measure pieces are dry clean only. Machine washing your suit will end in tears from both you and I. It is best to use small reputable dry cleaners with a premium service. Limit your dry cleaning to once or twice a year as a refresh. Ensure that your dry cleaner is pressing your suit with an iron guard and or replacing their ironing pads so as to not cause your suit to turn ‘shiny’ or damage the chest canvas. Always ask for your suit buttons to be covered/wrapt in foil as they can become brittle and crack if overexposed to the chemicals in dry cleaning. Between dry clean visits, a steam is sufficient to freshening up your garments. 

Any food, grog or oil stains should be acted on as soon as possible as stains can set and be difficult to remove.

If you haven’t already come across Exit Sticks, prepare for your life to change. We have found this beauty to be the only thing to successfully get out lipstick, oil, red wine and blood stains. In-between dry cleans using a clean cloth, dab with water and voila!

We are very proud of our pattern and of our garments. We have specifically created your pattern from scratch so we know the seam allowance and alterations possible. On our trousers we have a Smoking Split at the centre back seam of the waistband. This is a detail we have pinched from menswear - it is for the means of comfort and protection of the cloth. It allows more flexibility as you move or sit. This detail can come apart with wear and it is an easy repair.

Our garments are hand sewn and use a tack stitching that may need repair with wear. Our buttons are attached with long thread and can over time become tired and on double breasted jackets, the internal ‘jigger’ button may also need repairing due to tension. Best to repair/mend as soon as you can so you can get your suit back in rotation in the wardrobe.

Eporo Dry Cleaner in Brunswick East. Carlos is my go-to for dry cleaning. They use an eco-friendly solvent for their wet and dry cleaning service. This thoroughly cleans your garments, without putting stress on the fabric.

Garment steamer

I recommend investing in a hand held steamer over using an iron.