Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC)

Vitale Barberis Canonico is a family-owned fabric mill from Biella in northern Italy, the epicenter of Italian wool production. With over three centuries of documented history, and a reputation for comfort, character and quality, the brand goes further than many, evaluating the more hidden aspects which contribute to the style of the wool, like brightness, crimp and resilience, and the amount and dimension of the scales on the wool fibre.


Made in Italy, Carnet became one of Ratti S.p.a.’s divisions in 1991 confirming its leadership in the textile sector with a clientele composed by fashion houses, designers and specialists from the world of Made-to-Measure.

Every cloth is designed, developed and produced to the most exacting standards, to encapsulate individualism.


Based in West Yorkshire, Huddersfield is an internationally renowned fabric manufacturer supplying the world's biggest design houses and most prestigious tailors with superior and selectively-sourced fabrics. Combining innovation in their designs, and tradition in their outlook, HFW is the epitome of British elegance with global appeal.

Spence Brysons Linen

Established in 1891, Spence Bryson Linens is part of the family owned Ulster Weavers Ltd and offers stock supported linen fabrics from its base in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

Spence and Bryson Linen fabrics embody both a timeless quality and elegance that translate into sheer luxury for men and women's tailoring. 

Prized above all by many of Europe's leading fashion designers for their luxurious linens designed for sartorial elegance, Spence Bryson fabrics are constructed from the world's finest yarns.


Scabal has provided the finest tailoring fabrics to tailors and garment makers internationally. Scabal’s cloth is woven from the finest materials at its heritage mill in England.

Scabal collaborated with Salvador Dali, when the surrealist master created a series of exclusive paintings for the company. These 12 artworks depicted the artist’s unique vision of how fine tailored clothing would have evolved into the 21st century. They remain treasured at Scabal, resting today within the company’s vaults.

Kerry Knoll

​The Biella region is renowned for the wool fabric-weaving industry dating back to the thirteenth century. Today, it has grown into a world-class hub for high end wool fabric weaving and production brand, Kerry Knoll.

Kerry Knoll fabric designs are sprinkled with Italian sartorial flavors from birth. Fabrics are weaved and finished in fabric mills in Italy – near the world renowned wool weaving town of Biella.

Harrison UK

Harrisons (Burley) Ltd. are worsted cloth manufacturers based in West Yorkshire England. Harrison’s is an independent family owned company that still to this day uses the original traditions and expertise to continue to produce exceptional English cloth suited for the Australian climate.


Ariston's headquarters is near Naples, the heart of style, elegance and couture worldwide. Their precious fabrics are produced exclusively in Italy and cover a wide range of compositions and fibres: wool, mohair, silk, cashmere, cotton and linen, all of which are perfect for the Australian climate.

The family has been at the helm of the company for four generations. Passion for fabrics, competence, tradition is blended to family atmosphere to create the exclusive aristole collection, twice a year.

Alberti Tessuti 


Huddersfield 2 

Harrison Tweed 


Loro Piana